Friday, November 7, 2008

Ball #29

This was the third of six balls from the Baptist church. I didn't write down what color it was, but I think it was either black or the ugly black with turquoise that you see on bowling alley balls. Anyhow, I painted it hammered bronze and tried gluing rubber salamanders on it. This was an idea I cased (copy and share [steal?] everything) off the internet. I painted a bag of dollar store salamanders black, then hammered bronze. However, the little buggers did not want to stay glued and were a complete pain to work with. I gave up, scraped them off, re-painted the ball off white, and covered it with opaque lime green, opaque aqua, brushed clear with lime cat-eye, and clear with aqua cat-eye in a circle pattern. I love this combination of colors! I sent it to the garden center this summer and it sold.

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