Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ball #94

This ball came from one of Dad's Rotarians in July 2010. It was black and I painted it yellow. It is decorated in concentric rows of clear with yellow cat eye and translucent cornflower blue. It was given back to the donor in thanks, since he had given me several other balls a few years ago. May 16, 2011 update: Given to a Rotarian for his neighbor, who gave me 5 balls.

Ball #93

This ball came from a church rummage sale. It was deep green and I decorated it in "daisy" flower power. The daisies are opaque white with opaque yellow centers. The background fill is various shades of green. There are occasional highlights of bottle glass with a green cat eye. This ball went to a church bazaar and was purchased by Mom for her garden in July 2010.

Ball #92

This ball came from a church rummage sale. It was black and I painted it navy. It is decorated with cobalt stars, large cobalt rounds, opaque periwinkle and clear with a periwinkle cat eye. I sold it at a church craft bazaar in July 2010.

Ball #91

This ball was given to me by a friend from church. It was black or dark maroon with no gloss at all on its surface. I painted it flat hunter green and decorated it with marine mixture. It is accented with glass seahorses and shells that I purchased at The Christmas Tree Shop and was given to a friend in exchange for helping me pull out old fences and a stump.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ball #90

This was a pink swirly ball found by a friend in a house she is re-habbing. I covered it with expanded flower power (flower power with concentric circles) in light, medium and dark purple. Also mini-purple, pink, clear and clear with white cat-eye. It was purchased by Dad and given to a Rotary friend.