Friday, July 3, 2009

Ball #60

My sister and her husband found this ball and #61 on the side of the road while they were on a bike ride. Thankfully both balls were in bowling bags and they weren't far from our house, so they grabbed them and delivered them both to me. This one was a bright green swirl and I covered it with green and plum with cat eye, brushed green, and green flowers and leaves. I sold this ball to my father to give to his neighbor as a thanks for making a perenniel garden for him. (This is another ball I'm tempted to keep - I especially love this color combination.)

Ball #59

This ball was a deep green with sparkles and came from the Baptist Church. It was very tempting to keep it, since it was my favorite color, but it went for a good cause. I covered it with deep green translucent, light green bottle glass, light green with white cat eye, and large light green leaves in a continuous swirl pattern. I donated it to a Silent Auction that my mother organized. The auction took place at a Pig Roast in August of 2008 and was a benefit for a new hospice that is going to be built in our town.

Ball #58

This ball came from the Baptist Church. It was a Monsters, Inc. theme ball and had a huge eyeball on one side. I tried to incorporate it into a design but it was too creepy and weird, so I finally painted it black and covered it with butterflies, large and small peach, and assorted cat eyes of blue, yellow and green. (That was a great marble find from Walmart. The style was discontinued so they were very cheap. I wish they were still available - I utilized the various colors on several balls.) This ball sold at the Rotary Geranium Sale in May of 2009.

Ball #57

Here's another turquoise swirl ball from the Baptist Church. I covered this one with turquoise, clean, turquoise with white cat eye and white stars in a continuous swirl pattern. I gave this one to the Lutheran Church in August of 2008, since the ladies that run the rummage sale there were interested in my ongoing bowling ball projects.

Ball #56

Here's another ball from the Baptist Church. This one was a green and maroon swirl and I covered it with turquoise and clear stripes. It also featured a some flower power made with large clear rounds and ovals. I gave it to my contact at the Baptist church as a Thank You gift in August of 2008.