Friday, November 7, 2008

Ball #27

This is the first of 6 balls I got from the man who runs the Baptist Church's rummage sale and clothes closet. I had stopped in to their semi-annual sale and asked about bowling balls. He told me they throw them out because nobody wants them. After clutching my heart and catching my breath, I assured him that I would be thrilled to have them and would be happy to pick them up whenever he got some. I gave him my card and since then (November of 2006) he has supplied my with quite a few. This was the first installment of 6 balls, which I picked up December 9, 2006. It was a beautiful maroon swirl, so I covered it with opaque white, large clear, and small clear with white cat eye in a flower power pattern. It didn't sell at the garden center in 2007, but did this summer at the other garden center.

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