Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ball #69

I purchased this ball at the Catholic church's rummage sale in June of 2009. It was a red swirl and I decorated it with a red heart at the top, and then a repeating 16 pattern including clear, red translucent, red opaque, red iridescent and white beach glass. Sadly, I forgot to photograph it before I gave it to the friends who brought us our new kitten, Raquel. (See my other blog for more about her and her brother, Clovis.)

Ball #68

This Scooby Doo ball came from the Baptist church and I sold it on ebay as is, along with the bag. I didn't get much, since it had a big gouge out of the back side, but the person who bought it was a Scooby Doo fan and happy to get it, and I was happy to have a little $$ to support my habit!

Ball #67

This was a Baptist ball - black painted green. I really like this shade of krylon fusion paint. I covered this ball with iridescent green, large green, opaque yellow and opaque lime. Also, one green leaf at the north pole. Dad bought this one also on June 1, 2009 for a Rotary friend.

Ball #66

Another Baptist ball - black and painted navy. This one was decorated in a patriotic theme with red hearts, white and cobalt stars, and alternating stripes of clear, clear with white cat eye, red, white and blue. Dad bought this one also on June 1, 2009 to give to a Rotary friend who happens to have a life-sized red, white and blue horse sculpture in her front yard. She put the ball in her front garden and I see it often!

Ball #65

Yet another Baptist ball, black and painted navy. I covered this with large and small marine mix (hooray for marble sales at Michael's!). It sold at the Rotary's May 2009 geranium sale.


Another Baptist ball - this time black and painted periwinkle blue. I covered this with a repeating 9 pattern of clear with periwinkle cat eye, periwinkle opaque, cobalt translucent and cobalt with cat eye in concentric circles. This ball was purchased by Dad to give to one of his Rotary friends.

Ball #63

Another aqua swirl from the Baptist church. I covered this one in a repeating 12 pattern of clear with aqua cat eye, aqua opaque, aqua with white cat eye, and aqua translucent in concentric circles. I donated this in August of 2009 to a silent auction to benefit the Aurora House (a hospice) and it was purchased as a gift for the woman who is spear-heading the entire Aurora House project. The silent auction was part of a Pig Roast benefit.

Ball #62

This ball came from the folks who run the rummage sale at the Baptist church. I had to pay for this one, but it was a lovely red swirl, and since so many of the balls I use don't cost me anything, I didn't mind (too much!). Anyhow, I covered it with red hearts, translucent round red and clear, red with cat eye and clear with white cat eye. This ended up being Little Man's (see my other blog [also - that is his picture on my profile]) marker on June 30, 2009. Fitting, since he will always be in our hearts.

Ball #61

Here's another ball found by my sister and her husband by the side of the road when they were bike riding. It was an aqua swirl and I covered it with white opaque stars, clear round, and clear with a white cat eye. I sold it to my father in May of 2009. He gave it to his sister, my aunt.

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's been 6 months since I posted anything. What a slacker! Oh well, since I'm currently working on ball # 77, I guess it is time to get going.