Friday, June 11, 2010

Ball #89

This was a green swirl ball that I bought at the Catholic Church's rummage sale in May 2010. I decorated it with dragonflies made of opaque green bodies with white or black wings. The background was filled in with various shades of translucent green, some of them iridescent. This ball was given to my nephew and his family at Christmas 2010.

Ball #88

This ball came from the April 2010 Lutheran Church rummage sale. It was black and I painted it cream. The paint was running and not adhering well, so I then did a splatter coat of nickel shimmer. I covered it with the dragonfly pattern in opaque aqua and lime green and filled in the background with clear with aqua or lime cat eye.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ball #87

I bought this ball from the Lutheran Church rummage sale. It was green swirl and I covered it with flower power in white, opaque green and black. The background is filled in with translucent green. (Thanks to finding them half price at Walmart.) Update 5-15-11 - donated to a fundraiser.

Ball #86

Here is ball three of three. This one is covered with concentric circles in a repeating pattern using clear, clear with white cat-eye, white, translucent red and black.

Ball #85

Here is the second of three red/maroon balls from my sister's friend. I used red hearts, small round red, white, clear, clear with white cat-eye and beach glass in concentric circles of a repeating pattern.

Ball #84

This was one of three balls given to me by my sister's friend. All three were red/maroon swirl, so I worked with that color instead of painting them. This one has a dragonfly pattern of black iridescent body and white wings. The background is filled in with clear and clear with white cat-eye. This ball was given back to my sister's friend in August, 2010.