Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bowling Ball Decoration Part 1 - Filling in Finger Holes

I LOVE the Pioneer Woman, so I'm going to do a PW wannabee and detail some how-to posts with lots of pictures. Unlike PW, I have yet to figure out how to control the placement of text and pictures, so instead of one long post, I'll post in increments.

One of the things I do first is fill in the finger holes of the ball. I leave the thumb hole open so the ball can be mounted on a rod if desired. Of course, you can fill the thumb hole in too if you want. For the ball I covered with pique assiette mosaic (pieces of broken china), I filled in all the holes. Anyhow, I use wood putty and push in as much as possible with a screwdriver and my finger. I then pat it smooth, wipe off the excess and let it dry.

You can also buy wood putty in a tube and squirt it into the hole. The putty is much more expensive that way, but it is also much easier to work with. Since you can stick the nozzle down into the hole, you eliminate air bubbles.

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