Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ball #99

Another ball from my friend's son (I think!). This one was blue and I covered it with aqua translucent and cat eye. It is accented with glass sea horses, star fish and shells that came from The Christmas Tree Shop last summer. More concentric circles. Given to the Rotary friend who gave came up with five balls for me.


mary said...

Hi there -- I've tried this in the past and must have been doing something wrong. If I read your info correctly -- you put the adhesive on and wait 30 minutes to get tacky before applying to bowling ball or ...?

I have six balls in my garage and lots of marbles ...

My thanks - Mary

ctb18 said...

Hi Mary, I put the GE2 on the marble, then stick the marble on the ball, then wait about 30 minutes until it's set up before rotating the ball to cover a new area. Check the date on your GE2 - once it's old it's useless! Good luck and have fun!