Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ball #69

I purchased this ball at the Catholic church's rummage sale in June of 2009. It was a red swirl and I decorated it with a red heart at the top, and then a repeating 16 pattern including clear, red translucent, red opaque, red iridescent and white beach glass. Sadly, I forgot to photograph it before I gave it to the friends who brought us our new kitten, Raquel. (See my other blog for more about her and her brother, Clovis.)


concretenprimroses said...

Hi there, I came over from Garden Junk to look at your blog of bowling bowls! What fun. What have you done with them all? They are beautiful!


ctb18 said...

Thanks for stopping by! The balls have had a variety of destinations - my own garden, gifts for family and friends, donated to charity auctions, and sold at some local garden centers. Two summers ago I sold 7 out of 9 taken to a garden center, and that was getting them there the week before the 4th of July. Last year I didn't have enough to make it worth while. This year I'm stockpiling and hoping to get them there as early as possible.

BTW, I stopped to visit your blog and it is WONDERFUL! I can't wait to explore it further. We share a lot of enthusiasms. Blessings!