Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ball #55

This ball also came from my friend's son. It was a turquoise swirl, but was badly beaten up so I painted it creamy white. I covered it with irregular cobalt with a white swirl, solid cobalt, opaque white, periwinkle, and clear with a periwinkle cat eye. It is grouped with ball #1 and ball #50 on the window seat in the dining room. This ball is one of my favorites.


firerockss said...

where did you get those long swirly pieces? Iv'e never seen them before. BTW,love your work. :)

ctb18 said...

Thank you so much!!! I got those at a independently owned dollar store in our area. They have since gone out of business and I have never seen any like them in any other store. I bought a bag of blue and a bag of green and they sat around forever until I finally figured out a good combination to use them on. Thanks again for stopping by!