Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Haul

Yesterday I received a phone call from my contact at the local Baptist church. He runs their clothing closet and rummage sales. A few years ago when he told me that he used to throw away any bowling balls that were donated, I gave him my contact information and told him I would be happy to come pick them up. Since then he has called me several times. This time he had SEVEN balls for me!!! I picked them up this AM on my way to work. There are 4 black, 1 red (really pretty), 1 aqua swirl, and 1 blue with an orange Scooby Doo line drawing. I'll have to see if I can incorporate that into a design. It's been months, but it looks like I'm back in business again. Time to start stalking the local craft stores for interesting marbles!

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